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Dana Harbert

Director of Admissions at Eagle Hill School

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Written by Dana Harbert Director of Admissions at Eagle Hill School

July is an Investment in September

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Five Questions to Ask Your Educational Consultant if Your Child has a Learning Disability

Written by Dana Harbert Director of Admissions at Eagle Hill School

Searching for the right school for your child can be a daunting task, and many families smartly hire an educational consultant to help guide them through the process. There are educational consultants to work with students with all types of needs, from those who are looking for the appropriate college to others who are in need of a therapeutic placement. Looking for a school to work with a student with a learning difference is all part of an educational consultant’s job. With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to provide questions that parents might ask their educational consultant prior to searching for schools. 

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How to Prepare Your Child For an Interview with an Admission Officer at a Private School

Written by Dana Harbert Director of Admissions at Eagle Hill School

Every year after Labor Day, the admission office starts to get busy with families interested in having their sons or daughters attend boarding school. Oftentimes we receive calls or e-mails from parents wondering about the admission process, what their child should wear when he or she visits, and what the interview will be like, and we are, of course, happy to help parents with these questions.

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What is Learning Diversity about?

Learning Diversity is a blog hosted by Eagle Hill School where educators, students, and other members of the LD community regularly contribute posts and critical essays about learning and living in spaces that privilege the inevitability of human diversity.

The contributors of Learning Diversity come together to engage our readers from a variety of disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, biological sciences and mathematics, athletics, and residential life. Embracing learning diversity means understanding and respecting our students as whole persons.

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