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Our Innovative Students Are What the World Needs

Things I Wish Parents of LD Students Knew

Managing Downtime for Teens at Boarding School

What Is a “Disorder of Written Expression” and How Do I Help My Child?

Tips for Getting “Nonwriters” to Write

Is Boarding School Right for My Child?

IEP—How to Get It Done

Why Boarding School?

How to Get Your Child More Engaged with Learning

Tips for Getting Students to Put Themselves “Out There”

How to Help Boarding School Students with Learning Disabilities Transition from Middle School to High School

Tips for Transitioning Back to Boarding School

Are Video Games Addicting?

Fundamentals of a STEM Education

Tips for Parents with College Bound Kids

Why “Grit” Sometimes Doesn’t Cut It

Why Learning Shouldn’t Stop When Summer Starts

Preventing Summer Academic Regression

Learning to Live with Dyslexia

Levels of Support Available in College for Students with Learning Disabilities

Mindfulness and Learning Differences

Unlocking the Adjacent Possible in the Studio Space: Some Thoughts on Making Spaces for Our Students to Achieve Academic Success

Don’t Stress It—How Too Much Stress Can Affect Learning

How College Academic Support Differs from High School

Beyond the Beanbag: Residence Life Programming and Why It Matters

How Boarding School Prepared Me for College

My Child Was Diagnosed with a Learning Disability—Now What?

Exercise and Your LD Student

Create Like a Mathematician?!

Why Choose a School with an IB Program?

The Importance of Internships for Students with Learning Disabilities

College Admission Tips for Students with Learning Disabilities

New Year, New You—A Checklist for Success

Home for the Holidays: Understanding Your Child When They Are Home from Boarding School

Learning Disabilities and IB

Mobile Algebra

Tips for College Success for Students with Learning Differences

Five Questions to Ask Your Educational Consultant If Your Child Has a Learning Disability

Tips for Students with Executive Functioning Disorders

How Will an IB Diploma Help My Child?

Classroom Anxiety—Learning to Raise Your Hand

Some Thoughts on Building Progressive Alliances Across Our Differences

Time Management Tips for High School Students

Mindfulness Meditation as a Way to Focus One’s Mind

Boarding School—Making Friends and Meeting People

How to Prepare Your Child for an Interview with an Admission Officer at a Private School

Math Games Help Students Who Struggle with Dyscalculia

Back to School—Everything Your Child Needs for a Well-Stocked Dorm Room

Technology Assistance Tips for Students with Learning Disabilities

How Students Can Become Leaders Inside and Outside the Classroom

Emoji Algebra Is More Intuitive than Standard Algebra

Harnessing ADHD—The Power of ADHD in the Classroom

School’s Out! Set Your Child Up for a Successful Summer

“Are Schools Smart Enough to Know How Smart Students Are?”

Getting Through—Teaching a Child with a Learning Disability

Dyslexia: Not a “One Size Fits All”

Tips to Improve Reading Skills in Students with Dyslexia

How to Make Math Fun for Students Who Struggle with Learning Disabilities

Building a Language: Students with Dyslexia and ADHD Can Successfully Learn Foreign Language through TPRS

The Benefits of Summer Camp for Students with Learning Disabilities

Making Science Relevant for Diverse Learners

On What It Takes to Be a Successful Teacher at Eagle Hill School and Your School

Examining Life Thoreau-ly

The Struggle Is Real

This New Year, Commit to Unlearning Disability

Failure: The New Recipe for Success?

The Individual and the Classroom

The Problem-Solving Humanities Classroom?

Engaging Reluctant Learners

Does Homework Help or Hurt?

In Defense of the Introvert Student

Should Students Have Phones in the Classroom?

Is Thinking "Critically" Enough?

What's Wrong with Teach for America?

Promoting Social Justice Through the Exploration of Literature

Lectures Better than Group Work; What’s a Teacher to Think?

One More Thing to Worry About; We Don't Read Like We Used To

Khan Academy, Flipped Teaching, and the Inequalities of Standardized Testing

Creativity: Is It Quantifiable?

A Skewed View of Success

Progress: Slowly But Surely Getting Serious about Educating Our Children

Empowering Students’ Imaginations of what Writing Could Be: Communicating Persuasively and Unconventionally with the Public Service Announcement

On Learning Diversity

PISA and the Disproportionate Effects of Poverty

Dyslexia: Neither Blessing Nor Curse

Snowplow Parents, Coddling Teachers, and the Need for Failure

Wisdom Distilled: What Makes for Good Teaching?

Connectivism, Chaos, and Finding Meaning though Learning

The Professionalization (?) of Teaching

Teacher Status; Are they More Like Social Workers, Doctors, Football Coaches?

Finding Value in Fragments of Stories: Ideas for Lessons

Moving away from Standardization

Is it Time to Reconsider the Value of Wikipedia for Research Essays?

The Flipped Classroom: The Future of Education?

Grit: What Kids Really Need, But Can You Teach it?

Are Learning Styles a Myth?

Which test to take? Examining the ACTs versus the SATs

Engagement Goes Beyond the Classroom

25 Best Sites for Free Education Videos

4 Classroom Pitfalls New Teachers Face

Piaget, Vygotsky, and the Pedagogy of Learning Diversity

A Student Response to Suzy Lee Weiss

Principals, New Teacher Retention, and the Nature of the Profession

The Adolescent Brain (Video)

Is Homework Redundant?

How to be a Good Teacher

Beliefs that Shape Learning

Strengthening Your College Applications: A Checklist

Making the Most of Your College Visit

Promoting A Rhetoric of Right Here: Equipment for Living that Connects School Writing and Public Writing

New Marketing Philosophy: The Answer to Education Woes?

miniMANUSCRIPT: User-Generated Summaries of Academic Papers

Three Free New Digital Offerings for Educators from Smithsonian

France’s Homework Ban and the "Dos and Don’ts" of Homework

The New TIMSS Report is Out

A Reflection on Confidence: Andrew's Story

Your Students Can Help Collect Veterans’ Stories

Learning Diversity is now on Tumblr as well!

The Unschooling Debate

Is America's Facebook Generation Reading Strong?

Online Culture and the Appeal of Anonymity in Education

Online Educational Games and Tutorials

Presidential Debate Lessons

Call for More Rigor after Alarming SAT Scores an Unlikely Solution

Needed: A Culture of High Expectations

A Strange Convergence: Teaching to Commonalities and True Individualization

Using Technology to Brainstorm

Your Source for Primary Sources

Is ADHD Real?

The Privileged Place of Story

Not Just Mind-Body, Mind-Exercise

Using Discourse Analysis as a Tool for Teaching

Sleep Disorders and ADHD

Learning Disabilities and Giftedness- Same Thing?

More on the Finnish Education Model

Teaching With Twitter

Why Use SMART Boards?

Body & Brain: A More Immediate Connection

Attention, Memory, and Learning

Apple Changes the Way We See Education

Got Multitaskers?

Disabled, Not “Different”

Lesson Plans: Global Perspectives & Inuit Culture

Private School Pay

Standing Tall: One Teacher's Experiment with Standing Desks

Physicists Show Lectures to be Ineffective Teaching

Teenagers Read More than You Might Think

What Education Reform is Not

When an Adult Took the State Standardized Test...

Learning for the Sake of Learning

Learning through the Eyes of an ADHD Student or “What was that noise out in the hallway? I wonder what’s for lunch today. The Constitution, oh yeah…”

UNZ.org: A Free On-Line Library

Secretary Arne Duncan Responds to Questions About Teachers' Salaries and Standardized Testing

One Family's Experience with "Extreme Schooling" in Russia

My Teacher is Not an App

Teachers: Overpaid Public Servants?

Massachusetts Leads the Way, Again...

Can the Font Ease the Effort?

Lessons from a Power Outage

Are Your Students Getting Enough Sleep?

Literacy in a Changing Culture

Changes in IQ Linked to Changes in the Brain Linked to...Practice

Resource Round-Up: Links You Can Use!

Daniel Pink's Drive: The RSA Animate Video


Forget SAT Scores: Persistence is Key to Success

Survey of College Freshmen Reveals Overwhelmed High School Seniors

Top Ten Questions to Ask at an IEP

Race to Nowhere: A Film Worth Hosting?

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

Kohn -vs- Willingham and a School that Ditched Homework

The Question of Challenge: Student Responses

One Year Out: Student Survey Seems to Show Students Want Challenge

Credentials vs. Achievement

Alfie Kohn on The Homework Myth

A New Approach to Learning Disabilities

From "Data" to "Capta": Johanna Drucker Talks about the shift to data taken rather than given

Dr. Bob Brooks on Spark by Dr. John Ratey

Is Grading Obsolete?

Education, Games, and Motivation

Student Perspectives: Making Your Learning Style Work for You

From the Guidance Office:Where to Apply?


Top Five Apps That Every Teacher Must Have

Integrity and Character Education

From the Guidance Office: Guidelines for Documentation of A Learning Disability

The Goals of Education

What World of Warcraft Can Teach Us About Education

Welcome to Learning Diversity!

How To Do Things With Words

Getting Engaged (I Mean Students…in Classroom Stuff)

Student Engagement Not Simply Autonomy

Standards and Teacher Autonomy

Looking for a Transition Program?

Summarizing the Text for Students

Book Review: "Mindset" by Carol Dweck

FDA Panel Says Food Dye Not Linked to Hyperactivity- from NPR

The Listening Project

ACT vs. SAT Which Test Should be Taken?

Students as School Citizens: An Educator's Comment on "Let Kids Rule the School"

Frederick Hess- "Why School Reformers Keep Getting Stuck"

The "Danger" of Thinking Differently about Learning Disabilities

Does Education Fail Girls With ADHD More Than Boys?

High School vs. College: Working Successfully with Learning Differences

Resource Round-Up: Links You Can Use!

A Holistic Approach to ADHD

Understanding the Creative Process

MIT OpenCourse Ware for Independent Learners

Let Kids Rule the School? Unthinkable!

Teaching Physics: An Iterative Approach

College Application Process No-no’s: Advice from College Admissions Counselors

Socialism, Public Schooling, and The Battle

From the Guidance Department: Types of College Support Programs

The Education Reform Movement is Getting Scary

Diane Ravitch: The Problem is Poverty not Bad Teachers

Video Games More Effective than Classroom Instruction?

From the Guidance Office: How to Maximize Your College Visits

An Organization with a Mission: Khan Academy

How Can Interpretation and Comprehension be One and the Same?

Book Review: "Tested: One American School Struggles To Make The Grade"

Teaching Social Justice Through Mathematics

Rethinking Reading: What Does This Mean to Me?

A Response to "Everything is a Cultural Activity"

Educational Pop Videos: Your Friday Fun

Words Help Us Think

Social Media: A New Format for Learning?

On Learning: One Math Teacher Examines the Nature of Meaning

Everything is a Cultural Activity

Composing Cultural Diversity: A Lesson Plan

Interpreting Comprehension: A Cultural Activity?

On Differentiated Instruction

Identifying Brain-Based Learning Behaviors

Lesson Plans Anyone?

The Uglier the Font, the Better the Retention

Testing to Teach

Digitized Diversity: The JFK 50th Anniversary Website

A Look Back is a Look Forward: One Teacher Ponders His Historical Presence

The Surprising Power of Positive Thinking

The Question of Homework: Reflections on Teaching in China

The Correlation between Poverty and Low Achievement

Structure -vs- Student Initiative

Featured Video: "A Vision of Students Today"

Art, Culture, and Technology in a Class called Global Perspectives

From the Pragmatics Department: Top Ten Post-Holiday Reflections

Digitized Diversity: Art History for Everyone

Critical Debate in Science Education

How to Champion the Cause of the Beleaguered Humanities?

The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, and ADHD?

Digitized Diversity: Rock On!

Teaching Emotion Through Writing

On Learning Differently...

Students know Good Teachers? Duh!

The Melancholy of Daydreaming

Digitized Diversity: Using Footage in the Classroom

The Puzzling Brain

An Elusive Science: The Troubling History of Education Research by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann

Grading: Should Behavior Count?

A.D.D: The Song

Top 10 Rules for a Schedule You Can Keep

Digitized Diversity: British Museum Virtual Field Trip

Learning to Write

Does it Pay to Go to an Elite College?

...But Words Will Never Hurt Me? Bullying and the Brain

Digitized Diversity: Find Old Letters Online

Looking for a College with Comprehensive Support?

Top 10 Rules for Time Management

Reading is a Cultural Activity

How Strong is Your School's Culture?

Digitized Diversity: A Weekly Spot About Education Tools

What's Needed in Literary Education?

Late, Lost, and Unprepared: A Parents' Guide to Helping Children with Executive Functioning

Is There a "Civility Gap" at Private Schools?

Social Studies Teachers; Got Gamers?

Using Podcasting in the Classroom

Exercise and the Mind

Paradigm Shift...

American History Teachers; Try These Great Lessons!

Think You Know How To Study? Think Again – From NPR

Triad Intervention

Study Guides, Reference Sheets, Resources, More

Project Based Learning

Independent Schools and Education Reform

What Leads to School Excellence?

Motivation, Effort and Organization: Syllabi in the High School Classroom

Incorporating Interactive Fiction Into the Classroom

Rubrics Made Easy

The Question of Challenge

Should I Teach Skills or Content?

Heard of Engrade?

Stories Without Words

Is More Exposure to Media Bad for Kids' Test Scores?

Personalizing Learning in the Classroom

Content and Reading

The Questionable Ethics of College Marketing

The Child-Driven Education

Fostering Creativity with Divergent Thinking

High School Student Andrew Schneider's Video on Life with a Learning Disability

Adult AD/HD discussion with Dr. Ned Hallowell

ADHD: Shifting the Focus to Motivation

An Objective Test for ADHD?

State-based Prevalence Data of ADHD Diagnosis

Picturing to Learn

Counterpoint: Praise for Willingham’s Why Don’t Students Like School

Technology in the Classroom


Fend Off the Rut


POINT: Knowledge and Imagination in and Beyond the Classroom by DR. MICHAEL BEN-CHAIM and MATT BROWN

Why "Profession Development" Should Replace "Professional Development"

What is Learning Diversity about?

Learning Diversity is a blog hosted by Eagle Hill School where educators, students, and other members of the LD community regularly contribute posts and critical essays about learning and living in spaces that privilege the inevitability of human diversity.

The contributors of Learning Diversity come together to engage our readers from a variety of disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, biological sciences and mathematics, athletics, and residential life. Embracing learning diversity means understanding and respecting our students as whole persons.

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